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North American Prep's Consulting Services

NA Prep brings 20 years experience of player evaluation and developmental planning to amateur, collegiate and professional athletes. Adaptation of our consulting services can cater to a wide range of players and organizations from private clubs, teams, individual players to junior leagues, teams and professional organizations.

As growth in hockey continues to rise so does the needs for proper analysis, performance tracking and corrective measurements, especially if you plan to maximize a player's development, growth and opportunities.

We believe that if you have quantitative data an athlete can be measured, thus allowing them to improve and excel. 

With the level of competition growing in today's game players must continuously be looking to improve their developmental advantage in order to compete at higher levels. That is where NA Prep comes in, providing players with assessment and correction. This process of assessment and development allows players to maximize future opportunities and keeps them close to their maximum potential with very little deviation.

North American Prep's Consulting services are as follows:


Welcome to North American Preparatory Hockey Evaluations! We are the only provider of independent hockey evaluations in Montana. NA Prep has begun working with several associations and their existing coaches setting up a selection process that effectively evaluates your players. 

We are very adamant about ensuring hockey players get a fair evaluation by independent people who have no political or pre-conceived opinions on these players.  Our involvement strengthens the decision-making process, creates accountability in the selection process, assists the coaches in making good decisions, provides credibility to the entire selection process minimizing complaints and dissatisfied parents. 

We will provide your organization with player rankings in each category and post all scores making them public with private individual player codes to ensure the process is fully transparent.

NA Prep looks forward to working with your organization for all your evaluation needs.

North American PrepARTORY


29 Golden Eagle Street

Columbia Falls, MT 59912


Tel: 1-844-NAPREP1

Mob: 406-885-2028

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