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What day is Registration?

Every Sunday registration begins at 2:00 pm in the resident house. Campers will be expected to check in every week during registration. The camp address is 29 Golden Eagle Street, Whitefish, MT 59912. Phone Number is 1-844-NAPREP1

Where is my kid going to be skating?

North American Prep utilizes The Stumptown IceDen, 715 Wisconsin Ave, Whitefish, MT 59937P: 406-863-2477; www.stumptowniceden.org

Got Packages?

Care packages are great and the kids love them, unfortunately, there is a strict no food rule in the lodging area, due to food allergies. ALL packages are inspected upon arrival. There will be a snack shack that will be open if the players need some goodies.

Please tell me, you can do something for my babies birthday?

We would be happy to set a little somethin’, somethin’ up for your camper, just let us know.

What to pack, what to pack?

We have made a list of all of our past experiences that will ensure your child has everything they need. ● TRAINING GEAR - shorts, T-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, TOP NOTCH training shoes. We will have training items that they can purchase in our SWAGG shop if they need something. ● SLEEPING GEAR - sleeping bags are the easiest to manage for your camper, you are welcome to bring bedding (sheets, blankets, comforter) if you so, please. Bring an amazing PILLOW, they will learn to cherish their much-needed Z ’s. Bedding is available for their duration for a $50 rental fee. ● HYGIENE GEAR – N.A.P. will supply the water and you provide your own soap and shampoo – we encourage you to bring a small fan that your child can use on the hot days. Again, if it is easier we can rent your camper a fan for a $15 rental fee. ● TECH GEAR – You are welcome to send your child with any kind of electronic gear you want. N.A.P. will not be held responsible for missing, lost or stolen items. Wifi service is available. ● REC GEAR – Rollerblades are always popular, and they can do a lot of it around camp. Swimsuits are always great to have, we take camp adventure trips to local lakes where the kids can cool out. ● MEDICAL GEAR - There are NO over the counter drugs are allowed in the possession of a camper. Any over the counter medicine that you feel your camper may need will have to be given to the camp director, It will live in a locked Medicine cabinet during the duration of your players stay, if at any time they need the medication we will get it and help them administer the appropriate dose. ALL prescription medicine should be turned into the Camp Director during registration.

Ummm...not sure if I should bring this...THEN DON’T!!

North American Preparatory Hockey Academy protects its campers like nobody's business and we will search all campers property that comes on the campus to ensure the safety of our players.

Does my camper need cash?

Sure.. if staying multiple weeks it would be nice if they had their own money, we go on one big adventure a week where funds may come in handy for that little extra snack or goodie. If wanted, we can keep it in their personal camp bank, to avoid possible loss and theft. They will be able to take it out at any time.

My camper finally got his license and is 16 years old, can he drive to camp?

With parental permission, a camper can have a car on campus. They will need to register their car during registration. Parents will need to let us know if they would like us to collect keys. Parents will need to sign a release if the camper is under the age of 18. Campers with a car on campus will need to follow car rules. ***At no time will campers be allowed to transport other campers to and from camp events.*** IF the rules are broken one time they will be sent home.

I just can’t stay away from my kid, can I peek in on them?

You are welcome to attend any ice sessions your camper is part of. Because of liability parents are asked that they refrain from coming on the campus. If you plan to come on campus all parents must be background screened (https://app.verifiedvolunteers.com/Candidates/Account/Register), unless it is an emergency. All parents that come on campus must check in with the office and receive a visitors badge.

Bottom line! Who’s watching my camper all day?

We take the safety of your child very seriously. We have coaches and counselors that are ALL background screened and here to make sure your camper has a fun and safe learning environment. We enforce a strict curfew policy for older campers and the gate locks every night at 9 pm. We have a camp director, counselor and three CIT’s (counselor in training) in the sleeping accommodations for all campers under the age of 18.

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