3v3 Small area game training weekend

NA Prep has really done it this time, creating the ultimate hockey IQ development training weekend through the usage of various small area game play. Player's from all over Montana and Canada will be in attendance. Player's will participate in several Olympic styled modeled 3v3 games that are put together to bring out different aspects of a players game sense, which will translate better for players decision-making skills during gameplay.

This weekend will consist of 3 hours of on-ice instructional training on the first day, AM Saturday, and S.A.G. Wars will begin on Saturday PM and run thru Monday.

What is S.A.G. WARS?

S.A.G. Wars are small area games that we utilize in our development program to enhance the Hockey I.Q. Development of our players. We will be playing various small area games in an Olympic/tournament format. Small area games encourage players to figure out new and creative ways to achieve the game's objective. When competing in this fashion, it allows player I.Q. to development at a rapid and efficient pace.

There will be a gold medal game for the top two teams in each division

Come on out and join us!

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