N.A. Prep's Development Weekend Camps occur once per month and historically take February and March off to allow for postseason participation and focus.

An N.A. Development Weekend Camp we will typically invite current development team rostered players, non-tournament team rostered players and those interested in having their player participate in our development team program, please keep in mind that attendance of a player has to be cleared by the director.

Typically there are 2-3 practices during Development weekend Series, Fridays - Sundays. N.A will always do its best to have these development weekends during times of non-conflict during the players regular season. 

N.A. Development Weekend Training Camps include:

  • 3-9 hrs. of on-ice training and player development.

  • Coaches fees: (On/Off-ice instruction, Ice time, travel and lodging)

  • mästare Performance (NA Preps Player Mental/Leadership Program)

  • Ultimate team building activities

  • Player Mentorship program

  • Each practice has a minimum of 2 coaches, including 1 Goalie coach

  • Free Jersey

$99 ($75 each if you pre-book 6 development weekends)

- Quality coaches

- 2 days of intense development

- 4.5 hours of on-ice training

- Available for U8/U10/U14/U16 aged players

- Free Jersey 

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