Don't Worry, We have you covered

I just wanted to reach out to you all about the spring program. We have been getting a lot of worried emails and calls about missing evaluations this weekend. DON’T you fret, I have arranged one more evaluation time on the first weekend in April in Butte, It is a development weekend, but we will count it as our “make-up: evaluation and try-out.

Just so you know, it is not a large commitment like most would think:

2 Mandatory Tournaments in Calgary (with our OPTIONAL, yearly, "ALL CLUB" tournament in Anaheim on Labor Day Weekend.)

1-3 practice weekends over the summer

1-2 practices help at the tournament destinations.

This is proven to be a fun time for our Montana kids and I’d like to keep this all going in the right direction.


March 16-17

April 6-7

If you would like more information check out the NA PREP website under development teams, for additional questions give us a call (1.844.NAPREP1)

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