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I'm Changing Things Up!

I have been thinking of creative ways to earn donations to help children attend summer camp.  Summer camps have been proven to provide a chance to be enriched, encourages genuine character, develop athletes, inspire productive students, and become positive members of our community.

The dilemma is that summer camps can be very costly, and many children are left without these life-changing opportunities. I was one of those children, but fortunately enough, I was given opportunities through sponsorships and scholarships.

So, I’ve gone ahead and entered myself into a weight loss competition (Diet Bet). This competition will be a fun way to raise money for summer camp scholarships and allow me to continue to inspire. I might also finally be able to fit in some of my t-shirts again.

Here is how it works:

There are two types of Dietbet Games – Kickstarter games and Transformer games. The concept of both game types is the same. The main difference is weight loss goals, time frames, and similar factors.

I have chosen to participate in the “Transformer Game.” It is longer and takes place over six months.

To be a game-winner, I must lose 10% of my body weight in six months. I will have to verify my weight, and every winner gets a portion of the money in the pot.

If I should win the pot, I will donate the winnings to the summer camp scholarship fund, which will allow children the possibility to attend a Summer Camp.

My weight loss goal is 40 pounds in 6 months. So here’s what I’m asking from all of you.  I am taking donation pledges for two dollars per pound that I lose.  So, if I lose those 40 pounds, you will donate $80, which will go to our summer scholarship fund.  So, please help us raise money that will help a child come to summer camp and have the opportunity to be enriched.  

I look forward to working my ass off, literally.  So, that I can not only continue to motivate our children.  I can motivate our parents and be a strong leader in our community and show our youth that if they put their minds to something, they can achieve it.

This is one of our new web series that will document our Director (Coach JJ) as he loses 40 pounds to raise money for children summer camp scholarships.

Pledge and Donate Here:

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