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IT's Time For A Change!

Updated: May 23, 2022

The time is now for those families searching for an elite developmental track to propel their young budding hockey lives. Are you tired of seasons that don't provide your child with the development they deserve?

NA Prep is finally heading to Canada for regular season play; with COVID no longer affecting travel to Canada, the future is bright for players who desire the best development opportunity around.

This winter 2022-2023 season North American Prep is proud to announce their partnership with the Premier Hockey League (PHL) in the effort to give your player the ultimate developmental experience.

NA Prep believes that consistent high-level instruction is required over a long period of time in order to reach optimal athletic development. During my time coaching in our region, it has become blatantly obvious, though most will not admit it, that more often than not, coaches measure themselves, players, and team success by the short-term outlook of wins and losses.

Many coaches do not take the time to truly understand the proper phases of development for our young players. Don't get me wrong, we have some great coaches in our area, but those coaches are sparse.

NA Prep has found success in its development model; each year, it becomes evident to our coaches, players, and parents that our philosophy and methods work. We as a program are proud, year in and year out, about the number of our players that have team season success. One of the common denominators within those groups is that many have had strong foundational development early on within our program.

The secret is in the sauce, similar to the European hockey development model; we believe it is essential to have a higher ratio of practice sessions to games needed to improve an athlete's skills and performance in competition.

Access to professional skills coaches is a mandatory requirement in our program to ensure the athletes receive the best training and development possible. This consistency and fundamental belief in coaching and development removes the interruptions of the present conventional hockey programs and results in limited player turnover and the development of high-level hockey players and leaders.

North American Preparatory Hockey Academy was created to provide an opportunity for athletes to participate in a privately-operated program that's goal is to develop high-level hockey players and create leaders both on and off the ice. We operate on the premise of implementing advanced expectations for our players, exposing them to advanced rules and officiating, which results in safer play and the development and fostering of the appropriate hockey culture. North American Prep is not a registered team with Hockey Canada or USA Hockey; we are independent of these organizations. All players and staff of NA Prep teams are fully insured.

With that being said, let's now make the change in our children's lives and genuinely enrich their hockey development and experience.


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