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I'd like to welcome back all of the families and new players that have shown interest in our Mid-day Student-Athlete Program. Students attending local schools have been provided an opportunity to enroll in the North American Preparatory Hockey Academy Student-Athlete Mid-day Program, which provides daily training to the passionate and driven hockey player. NA Prep will provide top-notch player development and academic support, in a group setting that will give local student-athletes opportunities in higher academic hockey institutions.

What is the Student-Athlete Mid-day  Program? North American Preparatory Hockey Academy or NA Prep has developed the Student-Athlete Mid-day Program for the hockey player in collaboration with the local schools. NA Prep has created a pathway that will be implemented at the K-12 grade levels and will enable committed student-athletes to develop his/her skills at a higher level.  NA Prep allows student hockey players to take part in private group training sessions with higher level hockey training during school hours. Through the co-operation of the schools, this is now possible.  Now families can schedule player training that will allow hockey student-athletes to participate and train 2 - 4 times per week. During our private group lessons, we focus on skill development which will take place between September and June. In addition to 1 1/12 hours of daily on-ice instruction, we will soon be offering an off-ice strength and conditioning component making NA Prep the most comprehensive hockey program in the area.

Who is providing instruction? With over twenty years of coaching experience, Jami “JJ” James will be on ice daily to coach the kids. Periodically guest coaches will drop in to assist coach JJ. 

Schedule Thanks to the cooperation of the local schools, student-athletes attending NA Prep will be able to fit our development program into their schedule.  There will be four on-ice development sessions per week (Monday thru Thursday) and will run from 2:15 pm - 3:45 pm at Stumptown IceDen. NA Prep and a daily carpool will transport the players from schools to the Stumptown IceDen.

The NA Prep Mid Day Program is the only mid-day hockey program approved by Whitefish School District. Schedules of students participating in the program have their class schedule arranged so no core subjects will be missed in order to attend training. Student-athletes enrolled in Whitefish Middle School (grades 7 & 8) and Whitefish High School (grades 9-12) will be dismissed at 1:37 pm.

Approximately once per week, players will take part in our off-office training program, from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

The Philosophy of the North American Preparatory Hockey Academy 1. The North American Preparatory Hockey Academy Philosophy

  • Provide efficient and effective private group lessons

  • Provide mentorship and positive role models for our student-athletes

  • Character development through on and off the ice academy curriculum

  • Provide a higher level of skill development

  • Provide an environment exclusive to the development of the higher achieving student-athlete.

  • Provide additional opportunities for our student-athletes

  • Provide parents with a local and cost-effective method of maximizing training

2. Students

  • Provide extra study groups for students that need additional support in their studies

  • Any male or female student-athletes attending local schools are eligible to participate.

  • NA Prep Hockey Director will establish and monitor student behavior expectations and an academic standard necessary for eligible participation.

  • GPA (grade point average) will be monitored

3. Development Pathways

  • Player development curriculum will be set out by the NA Prep player development team.

  • NA Prep will provide the most diverse training for our student-athletes

  • We will strengthen the hockey IQ of each student-athlete

  • The on-ice curriculum will focus on skill development/small area resistance training

  • Off-Ice component to support player development

  • Enhancement of individual skills

Contact Coach JJ to learn how to make arrangements with the school. 

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