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Measures in Life.

What are the measures you live by? Have you ever thought about measures you need to improve on? We can become so wrapped up in the development of physical skill sets that we often overlook the intangibles. The skill sets that aren't physical. The most successful hockey players dedicate their time developing and expanding these skill sets. I have included a list below of intangible skill sets that are found within the top athletes in the world. Take a look and see if you are aligned with the attributes of a top athlete.


• Recognizing you still have a lot to learn.

• Remember you can learn from anyone.

• Be part of something bigger than yourself.

• Team goals come before personal goals.

• Show empathy towards others.

• Put others’ needs ahead of your own.


• Be quick to listen and slow to speak.

• Listen to what others need.

• Listen to the correct people.

• Listen to develop trust with others.

• Listen to what others expect.

• Have value & purpose in what you say.

SERVITUDE (This one creates great leadership standards)

• Build up others.

• Contribute positively any way you can.

• Make those around you better.

• Take the initiative – look for what needs to be done & do it.

• Make the right decisions for the right reasons.

• Help others to reach their goals.


• Work hard academically.

• Work hard athletically.

• Work hard in your relationships.

• You are who you are when no one is watching.

• Recognize the best and outwork everyone.

What measures do you live by on your team? Is your team stressing intangible skills as well as tangible development? Making intangible development a measure for your success as a player and person, this will allow you to be the leader in your community.

Our mission at North American Preparatory Hockey Academy is to provide direction and create an opportunity for players, through academy training, monthly clinics, summer camps, competition, and guidance. North American Preparatory Hockey Academy takes pride in opening up opportunities for aspiring, dedicated hockey families. We will provide sound guidance, education, and direction to players and their families through our programming. Our goal is to formulate a hockey culture full development for players and families.

North American Preparatory Hockey Academy is here for you, and we strive to be servants for the Montana Hockey community.

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