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NA Prep Hockey Academy adds 39 players to their Development Team roster.

By naprepmedia | MARCH 18, 2019 — 1:38PM

As hoped, NA Prep signed a swarm of players to its Development Teams roster after 2-3 evaluation try-outs, this past weekend. Nine players earned a spot, once again in Montana's spring development program. 2005 birth year player, Finley McCarthy- 2006 birth year player, Beau Bates- 2007 birth year players, Cal Kellenberg, Gabe Shepard, Blake Mannix, Manson Blair, and Spencer Sitton return to the team after a successful evaluation try-out. - 2008 birth year players, EJ Sanchez, William Marrinan, also return to the team after a successful evaluation try-out, this past month.

Kellenberg, Shepard, and Blair come from the 2018 state champion squirt team, from the youth hockey program in Missoula. McCarthy, 2018 state champion (from Whitefish), who has also earned a ride to a prep school back east next season, returns. EJ Sanchez league leaders in points for that past two seasons and Will "the wall" Marrinan one of the top goaltenders in Montana returns again. "It is a pleasure to have these players back in the saddle again," says James, Hockey director at NA Prep Academy.

NA Prep now has 58 players on its Development Team rosters with so many new faces and families.

"We are excited about all of the new players added to our roster thus far." Here is a snapshot of NA Prep's newest most amazingly talented youth in Montana:

Skaters: 2011's - Bodie Besich (GF), Noah Avgustovskiy (GF), Landon James (BU), Jake Janecke (BU) 2010's - Mason Johnson (BU), Leo Manella (GF), Keeley Janecke (BU), Maxwell Stevens {new to the area} (WF),Emersyn Carper (GF), Finlan Stober (GF) 2009's - Brodie Carper (GF), Aidan Carroll (HL), Hawke Butler (HL), Brett Wagner (HL), Luke Healy (WF), Andrew Blair (MS) 2008's - Ethan Sanchez (HL), William Marrinan (HL), Harrison Trufant (WF) Jacob Avgustovskiy (GF), Ryan Gilbertson (GF) 2007's - Xander Troyer (GF), Benjamin Cipriani (BZ), Kaleb Cochran (BZ) 2006's - Ryder Carper (GF), Jase Troyer (GF), Benjamin Hoiland (GF), Austin Dodson (WF), Samuel Monson (BZ), Austin Tips (BZ), Sam Trufant (BZ) 2005's -

Andrew Bartoletti (BU), Matthew Flannick (BU), Michael Buffa (WF) 2004's - Ian Gunn (GF), Dace Gardner (BL), Trevor Walker (GF), Rye Vincent (BU).

Goaltenders: Samuel Gipe, Will Marrinan, KR Neilsen

NA Prep has also made huge moves within our coaching staff and welcome, Marc Troyer (GF), Derek Besich (GF), Koler Kanistanaux (WF), Merv Carper GF), Eric Stober (GF),Harris Montanye (WF), Jody Hierholzer (BU), James Hoiland (GF) Jeff Dennehy (BU) with several more waiting to commit.

"We have been so overwhelmed with the number of players interested in our spring program," says James. "We always focus on what's best for the kids, and our numbers now prove it. These players are among some of the most talented and hardworking youth around," says James.

NA Prep is hosting its final evaluation try-out April 6th-7th in Butte, so if you have a player interested in spring hockey come on out and get into the hockey fold.

If you have any questions, please email: or Call: 1-844-NAPREP1

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