Our last official SPRING DEVELOPMENT TEAM evaluation/try-outs are this weekend in Butte. This season we have a team at every birth year for the first time in history. I just wanted to go over a few things as we move forward.

Offer letters from the February evaluation/try-out have already gone out. The next offer letters from this weekends evaluation/try-out will go out on Monday or Tuesday.

Please understand that NA Prep wants to conduct a very transparent evaluation/try-out process, this is NOT a select team.

Development Team Selection is an open process that is done through an evaluation/try-out and assessment process. (Unlike our NA WEST program which is done via a selection process which is based on a player's seasonal merits, much like an all-star team selection process.)

All players MUST be evaluated prior to participating on a NA Prep Development team.

Players that have not attended one of our evaluation/try-out weekends and would like to play may be invited to one of our development weekends to be assessed. Please keep in mind that there may be limited spots available on our teams and you lessen your chances on being place within our program.

It is recommended that you attend the designated evaluation/try-out times, for the best opportunity to participate in the program.

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