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the chance to work and share the ice with some of Montana's greatest coaches and players (71)

What a powerful and fun weekend.

Post Game Awards, presented by Cody Blom

I want to thank all of the families that took part in the Wyatt Winfield 3v3 Tournament held in Helena this past weekend, it was truly a huge moment in NA Prep history.

Coaches Marc Troyer, Beau Hughes, Phil Richardson, Jeff Dennehy thank you for making this event what it was.

Thank you, parents, for all of the support and positive energy you provided from the stands and all around the arena.

Thank you, Jera Sitton, Cody McCarthy, and Kelly Marrinan for working uniform distribution.

A big thank you to the Winfield family for providing this opportunity for our hockey community.

Last but not least, thanks to all of the players that played their hearts out this past weekend, it is amazing when you see the amount of growth a player can have in such a short time. You guys were amazing.

It was truly astonishing to see ALL of the NA Prep teams make it to post tournament play. NA Prep 3v3 Highlights from this past weekend.

U8 Black - 2nd place

Leo Manella, Alexis Strand, Noah Avgustovskiy, KR Nielsen, Landon James, Finn Boksich, Brielle Beougher, Jake Janecke, Bodie Besich, Matt Marrinan, and Olin Bloom

U8 White - 3rd place

Keeley Janecke, Remmy Petersen, Trey Berger, Noah Ryan, Kelton Dennehy, Carly Ryan, Lane Batterman, Duncan Paninch, Tucker Allmendinger, Emersyn Carper, and Conley Stubbs

U10 Black - 1st Place

Logan Bloom, Jacob Avgustovskiy, Brett Wagner, Everett Sitton, Caroline Troyer, Nolan Fraizer, Mason Rowley, Bodhi Wagner, and James DuBosque

U10 White - 2nd Place

Cody White, Ryan Gilbertson, Jacob Ryan, Andrew Blair, Brodie Carper, Logan Hughes, Kayden Richards, Aaron Roche, and Brody Hansen

U12 Black - 3rd Place

Ryder Carper, Benjamin Hoiland, Blake Blandon, Xander Troyer, Spencer Sitton, Mason Blair, Jacob Sakaguchi, Kaden Blowers, Wyatt Lucas, Kyle Gilbertson, and Jase Troyer

U14 Black - 3rd Place

Isaac Jensen, Ryan Peck, Gauge Schneider, McCarthy Finley, Sam Gipe, Kyle Gilbertson, Jase Troyer, Ryder Carper, Lloyd Neff, and Benjamin Hoiland

NA "Old Timers" (parents and coaching staff) - 3rd Place

Philip Richards, Beau Hughes, Jeff Dennehy, JJ James, Marc Troyer, Cody McCarthy, Alex LeVan, Zack Ringsak, Josh Allmendinger and Alec Sorby

Thank you all for being part of this NA Prep event, your commitment and support are why we have had the ability to reach over 320 players statewide; in our short two years of operation. We appreciate the support of our mission to develop players and grow this game in Montana.

Our video from this weekend's past event is soon to follow, I'm still attempting to recuperate, vocally, mentally and physically (and my toes are still thawing out).

Thanks Again!

Reminder: Our final evaluation/Try-out for our spring program is this weekend, in Butte, we would love to see you all there.

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