NA Prep's boarding camp is where campers build relationships, learn teamwork, responsibility, and experience the freedom of living away from home. Bunk Nights are a weekly NA Prep Camp tradition, giving campers special time to connect and bond with each other and their counselors.


This summer our campers will be living in our new Bunkhouses. Our new bunkhouses are supplied with full electricity, and campers use our main lodge showers and toilet facilities. Campers have ample room to store all their belongings on shelves right in the bunkhouse, free from the clutter of trunks or luggage.


Our Bunkhouses accommodate 12 campers and a minimum of 1 bunkhouse counselor. Bunkhouse counselors eat, sleep and interact with their campers, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and fun.


At NA Prep summer camps, we create a nurturing environment in all of our campers daily experience. Through our innovative schedule, our campers learn how to challenge themselves and participate in adventure and experiences that may be unfamiliar to them. 


Through the relationship and work with our staff, your child will learn and excel at challenges that once seemed unattainable to them. Our camp is a "Free to Fail" campus, where campers understand that failing at something is the way to growth and success, the more we fail, the more we learn. This has proven to give our campers comfort in going outside of their comfort zone. This process has been the backbone of all of our NA Prep programs, and our campers develop the self-confidence needed to take on future challenges that lay ahead.


The self-confidence that is fostered at NA Prep summer camps put its campers on a path to acquiring strong and healthy self-esteem. Healthy self-esteem creates a healthy individual and provides them with the skill set to become independent and embrace new challenges as they encounter new opportunities, relationships, experiences, and adventures. 


We strive to instill self-belief in our campers abilities by developing and connecting them to their personal goals. They learn to take personal responsibility as they work to achieve and attain their goals. The extraordinary growth in self-confidence that occurs in our campers each year lasts far beyond the summer is one of NA Prep's most astonishing accomplishments.

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